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Pektron specialises in the design and development of electronics for a range of sectors including automotive, e-vehicles, agriculture, construction, safety, consumer & HVAC.

Within the field of vehicle electronics we develop body controllers, domain controllers, access control systems (including passive entry, key fobs & walk away locking), instrument displays, door modules, suspension control – anything required to efficiently operate an off-road, electric or sports vehicle.

Pektron nominated for “Made by Britain”

Pektron are delighted to announced that Pauline Latham MP OBE has nominated Pektron as her candidate for the “Made by Britain” project which recognises excellence in manufacturing. Speaking about the […]

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Pektron illuminates North America

Pektron continues to introduce cutting edge technology in the American marketplace by launching a dazzling array of programmable accent lighting products designed to illuminate the inside and outside of vehicles. […]

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Pektron Renewable Energy

Pektron already a Global supplier of Electronics to the Off Highway, Automotive, HEVAC and Fire Safety markets have become more involved in the Renewable Energy Market. This is a market […]

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Body Electronics – Pektron setting the standard

In recent years body control systems have evolved to control a wide range of functions including controlling the interior and exterior lights, wipers and electric windows. Vehicle access and security […]

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Market orientation is the key to success for Pektron

2011 marks the start of the next phase in a very exciting period of growth for Pektron. The key to this continuing story of successful evolution is the matching of […]

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Pektron accelerate into 2011

‘Take a step back’, ‘consolidate’, ‘regroup’, etc. In times of severe economic adversity these are the usual buzz phrases, and they are synonymous with negativity. In 2009, when the recession […]

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