Pektron is constantly investing in its manufacturing facilities and people – this year will see the completion of our brand new technical centre – artists impression vs progress above!

Pektron has over 50 years experience of delivering precision electronics to global brands in a highly competitive market.  We are innovators in our field and invest in the best people, processes, and machinery to drive technological development.  With our continued growth focus we know that listening to our customers and continually striving to deliver the best products, service, and solutions is the key to success.

“Pektron will continue to exploit its ability to develop and test hardware and software solutions which lend themselves to highly efficient, high volume manufacturing within Pektron’s in-house electronics assembling facilities – amongst the most advanced in the world today.”

John Potts, Sales Director

Our values

There are a number of essential values to Pektron’s business which have provided a vital foundation for 50 years of growth and success.  These values will be even more important over the next 50 years.

Listening to customers and working hard to enable them to succeed in their markets, recruiting the finest talent and having a great team culture, ploughing profits back into the business for the best and most reliable technology, and maintaining a strong and clearly focused leadership team to ensure solid growth and continued international diversification, are values that underpin Pektron.

Listening to our customers

The secret of Pektron’s achievements to date is the same formula that will underpin the future – to excel in each and every individual element of the Company.

We work very closely with our customers and build solid, long-term relationships.

Engaging with our customers who, in their own right, are the best in what they do helps us to really understand their needs.

We develop tailored, future-proofed technological solutions that are reliable, cost effective and fully supported.

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