Body Electronics – Pektron setting the standard

In recent years body control systems have evolved to control a wide range of functions including controlling the interior and exterior lights, wipers and electric windows. Vehicle access and security as well as power distribution have been left to other ECUs on the vehicle. As the complexity of vehicle systems has increased and the need to integrate functions across ECUs Pektron’s innovations team have come up with the perfect solution, a body control module containing integrated vehicle security, access and smart power management.

This industry leading technology combines all the body electrical functions with advanced passive entry and key-less go technology. The power management is achieved by using the most advanced smart FET devices giving total control over the power distribution as well as complete diagnostics feed back from all outputs. The module contains two dual core processors, low frequency and high frequency RF receivers for remote vehicle access. It communicates with the rest of the vehicle architecture through a both CAN and LIN channels.

To complement this technology Pektron has developed a key fob which has both RKE (remote keyless entry) and passive entry/keyless functions. This uses the most advanced security encryption available in the market today. Of course there is more to the key fob than the electronics and our mechanical team and stylists have developed a unique mechanical package using the latest material technology and cosmetic finishes to produce a truly iconic design.

The complete system now offered by Pektron represents the zenith of automotive body electronics.

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