Market orientation is the key to success for Pektron

2011 marks the start of the next phase in a very exciting period of growth for Pektron. The key to this continuing story of successful evolution is the matching of well invested resources and technology to customers who lead the way in markets and regions which, in turn, demonstrate strong growth prospects. This is what Pektron’s business is all about and is basically split into 3 key growth areas:

The world demand for food increases – Pektron has strong involvement with customers who are full line equipment manufacturers focused exclusively on agriculture. Pektron’s exposure to this sector is highly significant and is based around high technology solutions for professional farmers feeding the world. This growth is further supported by the fact that these customers have significant business in emerging market countries which are, in turn, experiencing strong growth.

Electronics is a key driver for sustainable car industry development – The car industry has seen some challenging times over the last couple of years. However, Pektron has picked its partners and technologies carefully. High end cars average 4.5km and 80kg of wires. Technological and system integration is driving Pektron to develop automotive electronics to optimise cost, reliability and performance for its global car producing customers in Europe and USA. In addition, Pektron has aligned itself with car manufacturers with Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Power Programmes to maximise exposure to predicted demand in the sustainable energy sector.

Safety Critical Requirements support growth in Industrial Sector – Pektron’s heritage and experience of developing safety critical systems such as gas central heating controllers, life support units for the emergency services and critical high tech care products for the elderly are proving to be valuable building blocks for new business growth. Attention to detail and technological know how are vital ingredients in Pektron’s approach to new projects in today’s ever increasing safety conscious world.

By continuing to invest heavily in these key markets in 2011 Pektron will maintain its ambitious growth plans, thus providing an exciting working environment for its most valuable asset, the people who work here.

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