Pektron accelerate into 2011

‘Take a step back’, ‘consolidate’, ‘regroup’, etc. In times of severe economic adversity these are the usual buzz phrases, and they are synonymous with negativity. In 2009, when the recession hit hard, many technology companies no doubt uttered these phrases in hushed tones; and they brought with them a curbing of investment, a tightening of the purse strings, and a period of technological hibernation.

Pektron however, went the other way. We chose not only to press ahead, but press ahead harder and further than ever before. To push the boundaries of our knowledge and our experience. Why? Because the best form of defence is attack.

Vehicle comfort systems: –

From embedded LED ambient lighting in vehicle cockpits, to control modules for the seats in luxury and high-performance cars, to infotainment and rapid-entry / access systems; Pektron have for many years forged a path through the world of passenger comfort systems. We continually strive to develop more and more technology to support ever-rising levels of customer expectation, and with the opening of the vehicle validation suites and creation of the “Centre for Comfort Systems Excellence” at the Derby technology park, we hope to meet and exceed these expectations for many years to come.

Environment: –

Pektron is committed to the reduction of fossil fuel consumption, and to the reduction of particulate & chemical emissions (see also “Clean Fuels”). During 2010 the construction and agricultural sectors faced a significant challenge in the form of the Tier 4 diesel particulate emissions standard. With the inevitable increase in vehicle cost, and the feared decrease in new vehicle sales as drivers will no doubt seek to extend the life of their current fleets and avoid the higher new vehicle prices, the pressure was on to support Tier 4 compliance in the most cost effective way possible. To that end, Pektron developed technological building blocks for driver displays and powertrain control systems, designed to help support customers with their adherence to the emission standard in the most cost-effective way possible.

Safety critical systems: –

The growing trend for steer, brake and park “by wire” systems brings a greater reliance on safety critical systems. During 2010, Pektron set up the cross-functional safety systems team to oversee the development of robust systems for a range of passenger, off-road and agricultural applications, helping our customers to adhere to the increasingly strict legislative requirements governing “by wire” technology.

Clean fuel technology: –

During 2010, Pektron invested very heavily in the advancement and development of Electric Vehicle (EV) technology. The result? Scalable modular systems for EV drivetrain and body control. These systems are now truly global, and during 2011 and 2012 they will be deployed extensively in the US in the first ever mass-produced EV truck and high-volume passenger cars, bringing clean and reliable vehicle power to the world.

Automotive systems: –

The growth of Pektron as an automotive systems specialist for drivetrain, body and power management has been exponential over the last 10 years, and the recent recession has thankfully done nothing to slow this growth. Continued investment and research during 2010 into Passive Entry technology, “Smart” power management, Body control, Door control, TFT & LCD clusters, transmission control, road-safety systems, and Vehicle Network Management will provide Pektron and our customers with a solid platform on which to build for the future.

2010 has been a significant year for Pektron.

What are our plans for 2011?…watch this space.

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