Testing & Validation

We’ve recently moved in to our new Technology Centre which now houses all our testing and validation facilities which include:

EMC Chamber

We have in-house EMC capabilities for confidence testing for both emissions and susceptibility.

Climatic Chambers

We have multiple Thermal Chambers available on-site for the testing of temperature and humidity from -70°C to +180°C.  These chambers are not only excellent for checking the suitability of products that contain potting, seals and adhesives, but also for checking the performance of electronics at extremes of temperature.

Dust Chamber

To allow us to conduct reproducible tests for the resistibility of products against dust and determine the level of IP-protection, we have invested in our own state-of-the-art equipment.

Force Measurement

Tensile & compression test systems for force measurements up to 2.5 kN.

HIL Rig Testing

For the development and testing of complex real-time embedded systems our Hardware in Loop (HIL) simulation equipment allows us to deliver results against tight project development schedules where waiting for a prototype to be available is not an option.  Hardware In Loop (HIL) testing is a method of creating a fully automated test system, that once programmed, can fully test a module over all conditions of its operation – be it open circuit, short circuit, low voltage high voltage and combinations.


To provide our client partners with accelerated reliability testing capability, the latest HALT testing (Highly Accelerated Life Test) equipment is available with temperature ranges from  -100°C to +200°C.  Rapid thermal stress at 60 degrees per minute coupled with 3D vibration to 50G.  At Pektron, HALT is generally used during the prototype phase to find weaknesses in the design and at the start of manufacture, it may also be used to screen units at low vibration levels to verify the process.

Environmental Test Rig

We design, develop and build our own Environmental Test Rigs to exercise multiple units with load profiles during validation.

ESD Facility

A fully calibrated ESD system with interchangeable probes is used to verify resilience to electrostatic discharge events to automotive and commercial standards.

Transient Testing

A fully calibrated electrical transient test system for automotive and commercial standards.

Vibration Testing

Electro-acoustic shaker, shock up to 50g and bump testing.

Nearly all electronics products manufactured today must undergo various tests to ensure they function correctly.  We have made considerable investment in creating an extensive and enviable range of in-house validation equipment to confirm products operate to the applicable standards, providing confidence to all parties involved from the designers to the end users.

It is important to get the design right at the prototype phase before manufacture and approval submission. Environmental testing is a key activity before a product is introduced into the market.  At Pektron the test department is used for confidence testing of prototypes before a product is submitted for approvals and manufactured.

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