Pektron Renewable Energy

Pektron already a Global supplier of Electronics to the Off Highway, Automotive, HEVAC and Fire Safety markets have become more involved in the Renewable Energy Market. This is a market closely related to their Gas Boiler Control Sector in which Pektron are the larget independent supplier in the UK.

Some of these controls already have the ability to connect to renewable products, but the future products will all be designed to be part of an overall system, where all controls will communicate with each other, and other standard interface devices such as personal computers and phones.

With the forthcoming legislation from the EUP Directive demanding the grading of the total household heating and hot water systems, not just the appliances, all parts within this system will require control, communication and integration. This will mean integrating renewable energy concepts such as solar, heat pumps and bio-masswith established heating methods such as condensing gas boilers.

Domestic Combined Heat and Power system technology will also be employed. This is where a heat engine is also used to generate free electricity which can be used in the home or sold back to the Utility Company.

All of this integration will require complex electronics that choose the most ideal energy source orcombinations of energy source at the time to deliver the most efficient solution.This Technology will involve the end user more than ever before as the listed efficiency of the system, will in the future, directly affect the resale value of the property and the grants available to it. The end user will also have much more flexibility of control such as remote operation from a computer or mobile phone. This will initially lead to more expensive controls and a volume increase in their demand and applications, but this will also lead to huge savings in cost per KW and massive reductions in carbon.

These systems represent a win for the consumer, a win for the manufacturers and a win for the environment.

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