Pektron illuminates North America

Pektron continues to introduce cutting edge technology in the American marketplace by launching a dazzling array of programmable accent lighting products designed to illuminate the inside and outside of vehicles.

No more groping in the dark when looking for a door handle, switch, coffee cup, key, or pen. Today’s technology allows designers to place directed light in almost any location for convenience and style. Pektron is adding elegant lighting to your cup holders, map pockets, storage bins, switches, handles, kick plates, and the vehicle’s under body. Sit back and relax as Pektron adds the electronic brain power to automatically activate your lights only when needed and desired.

Don’t like the color?….Pektron electronics let you change that, too.

You can choose from over twenty colors including white, blue, pink and violet, or if you’re feeling wild… fuscia!

A quiet industry revolution is taking place. LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are replacing Edison’s incandescent bulb. LEDs are small, reliable, and efficient. This revolution is happening in your home, in your street lights, in your flashlight, and Pektron is bringing that technology to your vehicle as well. LEDs never need to be replaced, lasting 20 times longer than your old incandescent bulbs. They are more efficient, using a tenth of the power, while being small and easy to package with endless color possibilities.

So let your imagination run free and change that dark, drab vehicle interior into a high quality, luxurious space that vehicle owners will love….and for the car companies that missed the boat and didn’t put high quality accent lighting into their cars at the assembly plant, don’t worry! – Pektron’s lighting system can be installed on an aftermarket basis as well.

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