Pektron nominated for “Made by Britain”

Pektron are delighted to announced that Pauline Latham MP OBE has nominated Pektron as her candidate for the “Made by Britain” project which recognises excellence in manufacturing.

Speaking about the nomination, Pauline said: –

“Pektron are a shining light in British industry, who are producing some of the most advanced control & display electronics in the world today.

From the vehicles that cultivate & harvest the food that we eat; to the cars that we drive; to the systems that keep us safe and healthy, Pektron electronics have been a driving force for over 4 decades.

Pektron employ so many people from both my constituency and the surrounding areas, and I am very proud to be able to offer Pektron the recognition that they deserve through this important nomination…”

“I am delighted to see that Neil and Robert Morgan, who are both engineers, and Philip Morgan who is Pektron’s Commercial Director, are following in their father’s footsteps. They are joined by Ian Harpham, Operations Director, who embodies the spirit of career progression within the company, having started out 25 years ago as a technician.

Furthermore, I am also thrilled to know that John Potts, who like the Morgan brothers attended the Ecclesbourne School when I was a governor, is now Pektron’s Sales Director”.

John Potts, Sales Director at Pektron said: –

“We are delighted that Pauline has nominated us for the “Made by Britain” award because it is an acknowledgement of the truly amazing work that we do here.

Pauline was overwhelmed by our leading-edge products, our facilities, our growth, our philosophy, and our people; so we feel that this nomination is recognition of all the investment and time that the management have put into Pektron over the last 40 years, and a testament to the passion and commitment of our valued employees”.

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