Pektron to host NXP Smarter World Tour

Pektron is proud to welcome the NXP World Smarter Tour to Derby on Tuesday 8th March.

Pektron works closely with NXP and EBV electronic who supply a combination of both chips and software that enables Pektron electronics engineers to design and develop cutting edge electronics technology to the automotive industry.

The mobile tradeshow enables visitors to discover and experience first-hand the breadth of innovative solutions and technology expertise of the new NXP along with EBV electronic software.  The truck features 138 connected demonstrations, highlighting technologies and products that are driving the Internet of Things (IoT) today and connected products of tomorrow, from the world’s smallest microcontrollers to the most complex networking infrastructure through the most secured NFC solutions.

The demonstrations are divided into 6 major areas:

  1. Secure Connected Vehicle
  2. Smart Cities & Energy
  3. Smart Home & Building
  4. Smart Networks
  5. Secure Mobile, Medical & Wearables
  6. Start-ups & Communities

Pektron will be inviting it’s own engineers and staff, customers and other guests to explore the very latest technology with NXP and EBV.

Robert Morgan, Engineering Director highlighted:

“Working closely with our suppliers enables Pektron to input to and access the very latest developments. These benefits enable us to develop leading edge electronics that Pektron customers can then use to differentiate their product within their market places”

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