Power Liftgate Modules

The Pektron Power Liftgate Module (PLGM) can control all aspects of an electric motor-powered Liftgate, (front or rear), system. The PLGM has bi-directional PWM electric motor control. The software controlling the unit has closed loop speed control, so that it maintains a certain gate speed. The control loop also allows for changes in battery voltage, temperature, geometry and other external influences. The unit also features speed limiting (anti-slam), anti-trap, clinching, unlatching, self-calibration and has programmable stop positions. It can be wired directly to the battery due a very low quiescent current in sleep mode. The unit receives it’s inputs either directly via switches on the vehicle or from the CAN bus and when operated can drive a small speaker for audible warnings and feedback. Other CAN bus messages or vehicle status messages can be received and can affect the use of the unit, for example vehicle speed, child-protection lock and transmission gear.

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