Pektron leads UK Export trend

The vast array of economic figures and trends reported in the media on a regular basis can create mixed views on where the economy, manufacturing and UK plc are heading, but positive reports of growth and confidence are endorsed by Pektron who in its 50th year is experiencing record levels of growth, particularly in its export markets.

In the past 12 months Pektron has seen an increase in export sales of over 20%, with plans to increase this figure over the next 5 years.

As a supplier of cutting edge electronics, Pektron’s focus on bespoke electronic engineering solutions has enabled it to partner with vehicle manufacturers and specialist equipment providers looking to create a competitive edge.  As well as supplying blue chip manufacturers around the world, Pektron also works closely with UK based industry, exploiting areas such as the 15% growth ot UK car exports seen 2013-2014.

“We understand that both we and our customers operate in a global manufacturing economy.  With experienced engineers and a state of the art, cost effective manufacturing facility here in the UK, we are able to export our expertise around the world.  Our export growth is set to continue as we identify and develop markets that can benefit from our approach”.

John Potts, Sales Director

Automotive is just one of the sectors that Pektron works with, as the world demand for food increases, Pektron is working with customers in the Agricultural sector, providing high tech solutions for professional farmers feeding the world.  Many of these customers have significant business in emerging markets further enabling growth in exports, and experience in Industrial Safety Systems, HVAC, Electric Vehicles and Construction provide a broad base from which Pektron can export its electrical engineering expertise.

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