Pektron electronics on new Ford GT supercar

Pektron are delighted to be able to share the details of their involvement in the development, design and manufacture of innovative electronic systems for the new Ford GT.  This iconic car was launched last year to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Ford GT win at Le Mans in 1966, and further enhanced its reputation and made more history by winning at Le Mans in 2016.


2017 sees the start of manufacture of a spectacular road car version, revealing how the very best cutting edge technology has been utilised across the entire car and Pektron were engaged to deliver the electronic design and manufacture of the Digital Instrument Display System, Damper Controllers and Vehicle Dynamic Systems for this particular car.

Working in close partnership with engineers at Ford, Pektron’s collaborative approach enabled the delivery of high performance, reliable electronics for key areas of the car – in particular the Electronic Cluster which displays vital information to the driver, and the Vehicle Dynamics Module which controls the cars 5 dynamic drive modes.

A representative from Ford said:

“As advanced design work transitioned to putting prototypes on the road, Ford Performance reached out to suppliers at the cutting edge of data display.  Ford designers worked closely with Pektron (for electronic design, development, implementation and manufacture)…”

For a UK electronics manufacturer to be chosen to supply Ford’s halo car is testament to the experience and reputation of Pektron’s UK based Electronics Engineering design team who work at the leading edge of cluster electronics technology, delivering solutions for both mass market and niche car manufacturers.

John Potts, Sales Director at Pektron explained:

“Pektron loves working on projects that present physical and technological challenges that our electronics experience and expertise can be used to help solve.  We work with customers who operate at the leading edge of their industry, helping them design, develop and deliver innovative electronic solutions and working with Ford on the GT has been no exception.  The teams at Ford and Pektron have all worked hard together to deliver features and performance that demonstrate what the very latest electronic technology can deliver, for this iconic car.”

Robert Morgan, Engineering Director:

“Once again the team at Pektron have delivered a world-class product, this time for the Ford GT.  With over 50 years experience we deliver customer tailored solutions for blue chip customers around the world and the experience and expertise of our software and hardware engineers based here in Derby had been instrumental in the development of the latest generation of automotive systems.”

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