Motorcycle press reports quality of Triumph key fob

The recent launch of several new models from Triumph have featured the key fob and keyless entry system developed by Pektron.

Motorcyclistonline have identified the key fob as one of the features recognised to make the bike feel really special – giving their owners a real sense of pride.  On the Tiger 1200 XCA they reported:

“Everywhere you look, the bike has little details that show how much care went into its design.”                                                                                                                                            

With keyless ignition and a pretty brushed aluminum-wrapped key, the Tiger 1200 feels fancier than many cars. The key can permanently live in a jacket pocket, except when using it to remove the seat and open the fuel filler cap.”                                                                                                          

Motorcycle News highlighted that the Speed Triple RS also features a new keyless steering lock and ignition system, electronically activated by the lock button on the switchcube, with an option to disable the keyless function for even greater security.


Pektron have worked with Triumph over many years building a portfolio of products that started with a chassis control unit and has developed into a suite of modules that include body control and keyless entry which is a relatively new feature for bikes.  Our approach brings benefits to Triumph in the form of efficient and cost-effective electronics enables them to differentiate their bikes in a very competitive market.  The keyless ignition system recognises the proximity of the key fob enabling a push button start.  In addition, the Triumph logo on the key top allows the passive feature to be turned on or off, as indicated by the LED icon on the key top.  This enables the rider to disable passive features for even greater security.

Pektron develop, design and manufacture innovative electronics solutions across a variety of sectors, with experience in Automotive, Off-highway and Safety. We go further than just manufacturing electronics, we engineer complete solutions.  By working closely with our customers and understanding the requirements of the specific application, Pektron’s electronics software and hardware engineers can design products to deliver the most cost effective performance against even the most challenging of project timescale.

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