From Accessory to part of new Medallion Package for Nissan Maxima

The new 2017 Nissan Maxima comes in a range of models with numerous options and features for customers to choose from.  At the very top of the range, the Maxima Platinum includes the Medallion accessories package that now features Pektron’s ground lighting.  Activated by the key fob, the external lighting fades in and out with the dome light, and provides an added sense of security.  Pektron’s lighting features across the Nissan range but to be included in this top of the range package emphasises the quality and reliability of Pektron’s lighting accessory.

Calen Cussimanio, Senior Accessory Planner at Nissan said:  “When we were looking to create the ultimate accessory configuration for style and class on the Maxima, we turned to our longtime partner Pektron for their lighting expertise.  The most apparent addition to Medallion Package is the External Ground Lighting that automatically illuminates when the key fob is pressed.  It’s a very cool feature that separates this Maxima customer from the rest by giving them that extra touch of personalization.”


And the press agrees, when looking at features to add, Car and Driver concluded:  “We’d also spring for the external ground lighting, which switches on when you unlock the vehicle. It’s a neat, upscale feature that also adds a bit of security when approaching the vehicle in dark parking lots.”



Pektron have worked with Nissan for nearly 10 years, providing factory fit and dealer fit lighting options across the Nissan and Infiniti range.  To be included in the Medallion Package demonstrates the increased demand from customers for this kind of feature.


Stephen Mezzomo, VP and General Manager of Pektron in the US said: “The Nissan Accessory group is always looking toward the future.  The expansion of our lighting products from an accessory to a package on the Nissan Maxima is a great example of our partnership and Pektron’s products.” 


Find out more about the Maxima and it’s lighting package in the reviews below:

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