Pektron invests in new Injection Moulding Facility

Production is now underway in Pektron’s new £1m injection moulding installation.  The 550m2 state of the art facility is a showcase of the very latest in machine and factory technology including:
• Engel ECO-drive machines which use 60% less energy than normal
• Integrated Engel robots on all machines
• Fully automated Summit material handling system
• Free cooling water system which uses up to 90% less energy than a conventional chiller
• Low energy rotary wheel desiccant dryers
• 30kW of Solar energy to reduce the carbon footprint
• LED lighting on demand to minimise energy consumption
Ian Harpham, Manufacturing Director announced:
“We are delighted to have this new facility at Pektron.  We continually invest in our manufacturing facilities to ensure we maintain our reputation as a reliable, high quality electronics manufacturer.  We’ve installed a production facility which is completely efficient in terms of layout, technology and energy – all of which will ensure we operate with maximum efficiency and deliver the highest quality.”
The new facility houses 5 injection moulding machines that produce the plastic mouldings that house their leading edge electronics that are exported around the world to global brands in the e-vehicle, off-highway and automotive sectors, to name but a few.
Giles Sutcliffe, Injection Moulding Manager said:
“The ability to manufacture the plastic mouldings that house our electronics helps us to reduce lead times and control the end-to-end delivery of our product ensuring complete control over the quality of the product being supplied to our customers ”.
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