Breaking Ground on Pektron Technical Centre

Construction has now officially started on Pektron’s brand new £5m Technical Centre that will showcase the electronics engineering teams, specialist testing bays, and very latest validation facilities.

This major commitment is in line with Pektron’s long term strategy to consistently invest in its people and facilities to underpin its future success and the ability to compete in fast-moving global markets.

The building itself will epitomise futuristic, eye-catching design, and provide an inspirational environment for the Pektron engineering teams.  Pektron is aiming to create up to 40 new highly skilled engineering roles; and as a supporter of UK manufacturing, is leading the way in delivering innovative electronics design and manufacturing to high value customers and well-known brands around the world.

Robert Morgan, Engineering Director at Pektron said:

“This pioneering project is aimed at increasing our support package for important global clients to enable them to succeed in their own markets.“

As the competition within global technology continues apace, Pektron is very much on a firm footing and well-positioned to lead the way.

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