Staying True To Your Values

We’ve just been reflecting on what has been a difficult and challenging year so far, not only for each of us personally, but also the business and how Pektron is weathering the storm that is Covid-19.

Luckily we’re doing OK – but is it really luck?

Pektron has been in business for over 56 years and still maintains the same approach now as it did when it was founded in 1964.  As a family owned business it is:

  • debt-free
  • consistently re-investing in people and facilities
  • developing long-term partnerships with its customers.

These principles – core values in today’s speak – are at the heart of the business and haven’t changed at all since it was first established, and we think that it is this approach consistently applied over the long term, that has enabled us to maintain a really solid business.

Ultimately, this ends up reflected in the electronics we develop and manufacture for our customers.  We’re genuinely passionate about electronics and all things electrical, and our electronics are designed and developed to support customers who are selling products that require the highest standards with reliable performance and operate in tough environments; all across a range of sectors from Automotive & Off-Highway, through to Safety & Life Support.

The products we develop are designed and manufactured to stand the test of time and our solutions are designed for the long-term, factoring in future changes in technology, potential obsolescence and physical durability.

As global supply chains have come under pressure, big global companies have turned to us for help in developing electronics that can face anything from the new technical challenges in developing Electric Vehicles to the quality demands required of the Safety sector.  Pektron finds itself in a strong position to help as it has integrated its own supply chain, investing in a state of the art moulding facility and extensive testing and validation facilities in our new Technical Centre.  This ability to provide an end-to end service seems to appeal and is what customers are looking for in these uncertain times.

Will things change as we move through the pandemic and then of course Brexit?  Of course they will, but our approach will remain the same – applied with large doses of stoicism and quiet confidence that makes us Best of British!

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