Pektron sponsor at SMMT’s 99th annual dinner

Pektron continue to support the SMMT in their drive to promote the UK Automotive Industry. As well as hosting UK based manufacturers, Pektron also has many global automotive manufacturers that it works with and who attend the event, fully endorsing the SMMT’s mission to work internationally.

Pektron work with global automotive manufacturers combining the best of their electronics technology and experience, with cutting edge automotive design and performance.  Pektron supply top brands in the high performance, off-highway and e-vehicle markets around the world, designing, developing and manufacturing a range of products that include passive entry key fobs, instrument clusters and integrated units with full body domain functionality.

“We find that the SMMT dinner provides the perfect opportunity to demonstrate our support for the UK Automotive Industry at the same time as showcasing our success, particularly to our international partners.”

John Potts, Sales Director.

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