Pektron recognised for innovation by Dräger

John Potts, Sales Director and Neil Murray, Business Manager attended Dräger’s International Supplier Day in Lübeck on 12 March in recognition of the role Pektron has played in driving innovation and delivering world class safety equipment for one of its key customers: Dräger.

Dräger is a world leader in the production of medical and safety equipment and invited 150 selected suppliers from around the world to share the day with them.

CEO, Stefan Dräger opened with an inspiring speech in which he highlighted “customer is king” and shared the unique genetic code of the Dräger business – family owned – people focused – technology driven. These values are very much aligned to Pektron who are also family owned, have highly dedicated teams of people throughout the business and deliver solutions using leading edge electronics technology.

John Potts, Sales Director, Pektron stated:

“Understanding the challenges our customers face and then innovating electronics to help them innovate, save money and succeed in their markets is what Pektron is all about, and is what makes our long term partnership with Dräger successful.”

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