Pektron nominated for next generation Revero

Pektron is delighted to have been nominated to develop and manufacture numerous electronics modules for the next Karma Revero.  Following the successful working relationship established in the delivery of cutting edge electronics on the first Revero, it is a reflection of Pektron’s desire to build long-term partnerships with its customers, that they will now be involved in the next generation.  Electronics modules developed for Karma include Body Controller, Door & Seat Controls, Security Controller, Passive Entry & Key Fobs.

Shen Zhang, Karma’s Vice President of Engineering acknowledged: “Pektron’s engineering and support have exceeded our expectations. We are looking forward to working with Pektron on future developments and new technology.”

Steve Mezzomo, VP and General Manager of Pektron in the US said: “In developing and delivering the electronics for the Revero we have been able to demonstrate how working in partnership from the very beginning of a project can bring huge benefits and enable us to deliver an efficient and cost-effective vehicle electronics architecture.”  

In the UK, the Secrectary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Boris Johnson, recently visited Pektron and took time to look at the electronics technology on the Revero.


The Karma Revero features highly advanced passive entry and security control that Pektron has extensive experience in developing and manufacturing across the automotive sector.






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