Pektron joins Car Connectivity Consortium

The Car Connectivity Consortium is cross-industry organisation created to establish protocols which will ensure smartphone to car connectivity across multiple technologies and platforms.

The digital key project is the open standard to allow devices such as smartphones to act as a vehicle key. A common standard allows smartphones of multiple types on multiple vehicles the ability to lock and unlock the car and share access to friends or valets.

As technology and applications continue to develop this cross-industry co-operation will only continue to grow.

Pektron is already familiar with key technologies to allow remote entry, facilitate walk up entry and walk away locking using a key fob.

The next generation security module will incorporate the digital key standard and will operate with NFC (Near Field Communication) to allow for phone and card/wrist tag entry. The key fobs will contain BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and technologies to facilitate walk up entry and walk away locking.

Our access controller can be customised to suit individual CAN networks and architectures.

Working with the Car Connectivity Consortium will ensure that Pektron’s security solutions continue to be able to interface with smartphone, car and communication technologies as they develop.

Gary Colwill, Engineering Manager said:  “We have designed and developed security systems and key fobs for Automotive OEM’s for many years.  The increasing demand for inter-connectivity between devices and the sheer pace of change means it is vital to have all the latest information from the leading players in the market so that we can deliver innovative, practical and reliable solutions for our customers.”

Pektron is also a member of the Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group)

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