Pektron Develops Illuminating Option for Nissan’s New Rogue Sport

The launch of the new Nissan Rogue Sport in the US features an external ground lighting option developed by Pektron.  Pektron have worked with Nissan for nearly 10 years, providing factory fit and dealer fit options for both external and interior lighting, and are delighted to be part of the ongoing success Nissan are experiencing with this particular feature.



Known as the Qashqai in the UK and Europe, the Rogue Sport is a slightly smaller, more urban version of the Rogue but still accommodates the same lighting options.

The external lighting is activated using the key fob and fades in and out with the dome light providing an added sense of security.  Internally, illuminating the footwell and cup holders with a choice of up to 20 colours enables Nissan customers to customise their cars and create an atmosphere within the cabin.

Ryan Freebing, Senior Accessory Planner, Accessory Sales & Marketing, at Nissan said:

“Pektron has been a valuable partner to the Genuine Nissan Accessory line for nearly a decade, and their lighting accessories continue to place Nissan at the top of a competitive aftersales market. In an industry that desires personalization, their lighting components provide our customers with a unique and fun way to customize not only the all-new Rogue Sport but some of our other core models as well.”

Pektron designs and manufactures these accessories worldwide, across the Nissan range:


Stephen Mezzomo, VP and General Manager of Pektron in the US said: “Our electronics expertise in the automotive and off-road sector means we can deliver a robust, reliable product that our customers and Nissan’s customers love – this accessory has been delivered across the Nissan range, from the Juke to the X-Trail, and the launch of the Rogue Sport confirms the popularity of exterior lighting in todays market”.

Pektron like to work in partnership and build long-term relationships with its customers and has worked closely with Nissan for nearly 10 years.  Please see link below for a video of the exterior and interior lighting feature:

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