Pektron & Case New Holland reach new heights!

Pektron has calculated that the 1.3million multi-purpose control units delivered for Case New Holland would reach a height 5 ½ times the height of Everest if simply stacked on top of each other – a fun fact that illustrates the long term supportive and productive relationship with Case New Holland which spans over 30 years.

Pektron has developed a range of products for Case New Holland including multi-functional controllers which control transmission, body functions and power delivery, in addition to grain flow monitors and smart control handles.

Managing the diversity of Case New Holland’s product range and global distribution requirements is not an issue for Pektron, who currently have 45 variants of the multi-functional controller in live production.

What began as an electronics development project has also developed into a significant global spares and obsolescence management operation with over 90 part number variants being managed across products up to 25 years old.

Spare parts are supplied and distributed around the world so Case New Holland can deliver the service and support required to meet their customers expectations.  Long term, profitable relationships is what both Pektron and Case New Holland look to build, which is why the partnership has succeeded for so long.

John Potts, Sales Director at Pektron:

“The partnership we have with Case New Holland demonstrates our understanding, not just of electronics technology, but of our customers demand for the on-going, long term supply of spares and obsolescence management.”    


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