Pektron and McLaren celebrate 8 years of successful collaboration

Directors, engineering and production staff at Pektron celebrated with McLaren last week in recognition of years of close collaboration developing leading edge automotive electronics for this world class brand.

The brand new McLaren 570S was on-site in Derby showcasing the new key, cluster and body control module that have been developed by Pektron for this particular model.

Andy Palmer, Head of Sports Series at McLaren Automotive explained

“McLaren wanted to acknowledge the contribution that the Pektron team have made to the successful development and production of the range of McLaren models, including the latest Sports Series – 570S. Their experience, flexibility and responsiveness ensure we can deliver the highest quality cars with complete reliability”.

Pektron and McLaren’s engineers work very closely together combining the best of automotive electronics technology and experience with cutting edge automotive design and performance.

Designing, developing and manufacturing passive entry key fobs, instrument clusters, body security, door and seat controllers as well as supporting McLaren with on-going enhancements, keep them at the leading edge of their market, and is all part of the Pektron proposition.

John Potts, Sales Director highlighted:

“Developing the latest generations of TFT clusters are the sort of projects that fit perfectly with Pektron. Working with a customer like McLaren, who operate at the leading edge of their market, understanding the challenges they face, and then supplying cutting edge electronics to underpin their innovation and success is what Pektron is all about, and is what makes our long term partnership with McLaren successful.”

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