Jaguar Land Rover Quality Endorsement

Pektron today announced that their approach to “Total Quality” and continuous improvement has been recognised formally by Jaguar Land Rover, who have granted them their highly sought-after quality endorsement, formally referred to as Q1.

The award was presented to Pektron Manufacturing Director Ian Harpham by Wanda Hegerty, JLR STA Site Engineer.

This latest award from JLR serves as a further reminder of Pektron’s goal to become world leaders in innovation and quality.

For more information on Pektron quality systems and products, please contact us.

Validation facility for commercial vehicle systems

Pektron have today launched an additional test facility, specially designed to cater for the development and validation of commercial vehicle systems. This represents “Stage 2” of a multi-stage plan to extend Pektron’s test suites for system development, validation and homologation in a controlled and secure environment, “Stage 1” of which was completed in June this year.

As with “Stage 1” extension, the facility is tailored to accommodate commercial vehicles, tractors and construction equipment, and incorporates advanced security systems, including closed-circuit television and strict access privileges.

This ongoing expansion of vehicle development capacity, serves as a further reminder of Pektron’s growing reputation as a trusted partner in Agricultural, Construction and Automotive sectors, in a climate where more and more body, power-management, driveline & user systems are electronically controlled.

For more information on the vehicle validation facilities, please contact us.

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