At Pektron we seek excellence and recognise the importance of fulfilling our environmental obligations.  We have an Environmental Management System with the aim of minimising the impact of our operations on the environment, and to protect the local habitat from industrial damage.  We strive to continually improve our EMS by setting annual environmental objectives and complying with the relevant environmental regulations.

Pektron’s Environmental Commitment:

1.  To the best of our abilities and where possible/practical, to protect the environment by:

a.  Progressively reducing the environmental impact from polluting emissions

b.  Monitoring, reviewing and striving to reduce waste generation

c.  Conserving energy by ensuring efficient usage of electricity, gas and by implementing renewable technologies

d.  Minimising the use of raw materials

e.  Monitoring the use of water

f.   Monitoring greenhouse gas emissions.

2.  To adhere to, and where practically possible, exceed the requirements of environmental regulations and seek to follow best practice guidelines.

3.  To incorporate environmental factors into business decisions.

4.  To minimise the risks of environmental accidents by ensuring safe practice and reviewing emergency response capabilities.

5.  To maintain our working environment to limit any impacts on the neighbouring habitat.

6.  To encourage suppliers and contractors to improve their environmental performance.

7.  To ensure that Pektron staff receive the environmental awareness training necessary to reduce Pektron’s environmental impacts in line with its environmental policy.

8.  To monitor changes in our local environment to address any new or changed impacts.

9.  To communicate our environmental policy and requirements with relevant parties.

10. To take part in environmental initiatives and to support the local community where possible.

This policy has the full support of the Company Directors.

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