Domain Controller technology has added advantage of reducing costs

Pektron’s application of a single domain controller can deliver often unrecognised cost savings in implementation.  As well as reducing development costs by developing functionality in one controller, the single controller will significantly reduce the costs of the wiring around the vehicle, while high speed Ethernet facilitates communication with fully configurable modules in distributed locations around the vehicle.

We have developed many domain designs for vehicles that range from the latest Electric Vehicles to Niche Sports Cars, all of which include unique features to enable our customers to differentiate their product in highly competitive markets.

The key features of our standard Domain Controller include:

  • Fully validated against Environmental, Electrical and EMC test procedures
  • Uses latest manufacturing techniques for enhanced in-field quality and reliability, e.g. Laser Weld & Compliant Pin
  • Hardware is AUTOSAR compliant which enables a software interface that provides the customer configuration capability to support a variety of applications
  • Common hardware and operating system across application platforms to deliver significant reductions in development and material costs
  • Automotive Ethernet to ensure compatibility with high speed automotive electrical architectures
  • Multiple CAN and LIN channels to support further modules, architectures and nodes

 To understand how we might be able to help you develop an innovative electrical vehicle architecture that is both efficient and saves money – please contact us.

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