Pektron have been a major developer and manufacturer of high-end systems for agricultural vehicles (tractors, harvesters, foragers, balers and pickers) for over 25 years, supporting our customers on the toughest and most challenging applications with state-of-the-art ruggedised electronics.

These systems encompass all areas of the vehicle, from driveline to body to cab, and as with all of our products, each system is 100% unique to every customer, but forged from our extensive experience and a library of proprietary technological building blocks developed and refined by Pektron over many years.

Our scope of work includes:


TFT & LCD displays


In-cab infotainment with FM/AM radio, DAB, HD radio, Weather, XM/Sirius, SDARS, streaming media, Wi-Fi, 3G & 4G, hands free calling etc.

Distributed Power Management fuse boxes – solid state control of vehicle systems

Multi function levers

Automatic, manual and CVT transmission control

Hitch control

Shuttle control

PTO control

Light cluster control

Trailer light control

Work light controls

Climate controls (HVAC)

Yield sensing systems

PLM systems for crop, data management and positional guidance


Pektron understand that these systems are intended to be used in the toughest, most demanding and unforgiving applications, and for this reason we carry out the most stringent electrical and environmental testing, in-house, at our validation facility in Derby including HALT, dust ingress, thermal shock, vibration, UV etc.

Our knowledge, broad technological scope and test capabilities give our agricultural customers total confidence in the systems that we develop for them.

Multi-Function Levers

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Hitch Control

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Instrument Clusters

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Man Machine Interface

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Transmission Control

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Multi Function Controller

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Distributed Power Management

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