Plans Approved for New Advanced Manufacturing Facility at Pektron

Following the recent completion of a new Technology Centre on Alfreton Road, Pektron has now received planning approval for the construction on a new advanced manufacturing facility at its site on the opposite side of the road, where its existing manufacturing facilities are located.

The new two-storey unit will bring together Pektron’s plastics moulding division, warehousing, manufacturing and clean room manufacturing in one multi-functional building.  The double height building means there will be more head room for the cranes that move the moulds around the building and the warehousing will be taller, adding much needed capacity.  In all, the new advanced manufacturing unit will provide 35,800 sq ft of floor space to support the next stage in Pektron’s continuing investment in facilities.

Robert Morgan, Managing Director at Pektron said:

 Despite the supply challenges currently facing the electronics industry, our business continues to grow, and consistent investment in people, facilities and new technology have been the key to our long-term success.  Having all our facilities on one site enables us to maintain complete control, maximise our manufacturing efficiency and provide flexibility, to meet the future demands of our customers.”


The building is due to be completed in 2023, and these artists impressions indicate what the building will look like.

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