Multi-million pound investment in new SMT machines

Consistent re-investment in manufacturing facilities is key to maintaining the high levels of quality demanded for the innovative electronics designed, developed and manufactured at Pektron.  Over £5m will be invested in new facilities over the next 12 months, including 15 Yamaha YRM20 surface mount machines.

The YRM20 surface mounters will enable us to increase our total placement capacity with precision accuracy and support the latest component types and specialist boards, including LED arrays.

John Smedley, our Maintenance Manager explained, “Since our first Yamaha G5 mounters were installed we have experienced near faultless performance meeting our medium-volume, high mix production requirements, and while we will be sad to see them go, we are excited to start the next chapter in our partnership with Yamaha when we introduce the new YRM20’s to our surface mount lines.”

Yamaha’s new YRM20 can handle component sizes from the very smallest 0201 package which measures 0.6mm x 0.3mm, to 50mm x 100mm x 30mm, and will place parts at 98,000 components per hour.  Other advanced features include component recognition cameras with flexible imaging modes and low-impact nozzles that can mount ultra-small components in narrow spaces.

Riccardo Fiocchi, Key Account Manager at Yamaha said, “By transitioning from the proven and respected G5 to our YRM20, Pektron can take advantage of the very best technologies form the preceding Sigma and YSM platforms, now upgraded to deliver industry-leading capabilities.”

This significant investment by Pektron is the first YRM20 installation in the UK and one of the largest so far for Yamaha’s new flagship surface mount platform.  It leverages the Sigma G5 platform’s overdrive motion principle, which manages the positional control of both heads in a two-head setup to maximise productivity.  New tray feeders simplify refilling and allow non-stop production, and boards of up to 810mm long can be effectively handled.  A new graphical user interface (GUI) simplifies setup and operation and automatic component-height teach, automatic component-data creation, and high speed smart recognition that quickly creates data for any custom components.

Ian Harpham, Manufacturing Director said, “Our customers are operating at the leading edge in highly competitive markets, including e-vehicles, safety, off-highway, construction and consumer electronics.  Investing in the YRM20 machines reinforces our ability to deliver industry-leading electronic design and manufacturing services and working with Yamaha will enable us to accelerate our growth in these areas.”


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